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Time to kick that pandemic spirit to the curb with some of the coziest fits that will keep you in tip top snuggly comfort at home, and still stay equally sharp when you decide to head out for some fresh air. Here are 5 of our coziest fits!


The first fit features the C2H4 DISTRESSED GEOMETRY KNIT SWEATER, paired up with JUUN J’s signature MULTI POCKET CARGO PANTS. The distressed geometry sweater from C2H4 is one of the key pieces from the brand and easily one of the bestsellers among statement pieces in the store. Elevates any outfit and can be paired with anything from shorts, joggers to denim. We decided to pair the sweater with one of the best fitting and most comfortable joggers from Korean Designer JUUN J. This jogger features a beautiful slim-fit tailored silhouette, and the silhouette has been such a huge success that it has since become a permanent piece in every of JUUN J’s collections.


 Next up, a simple yet easy-chic pairing of sweater and shorts. Featuring here is the LIMITED BLACK SERIES RUNWAY SWEATER from IH NOM UH NIT PARIS and the REPRESENT TARTAN MILITARY SHORTS. Made with luxurious French Terry fabric with IH NOM UH NIT’s signature runway graphics, this is one of the most sought after pieces from the Parisien label’s Limited Black Series capsule collection. For bottoms, REPRESENT’s favourite military shorts silhouette comes in a unique tartan fabric that pairs beautifully with earth and monochromatic garments.


For this fit, we decided to go full RICK OWENS with two of the designer’s most recognisable pieces: The RICK OWENS CREATCH SWEATER and RICK OWENS DRKSHDW PRISONER DRAWSTRING PANTS. The Creatch sweater is one of the new favourites from the American designer which features the classic Creatch details, now on a sweater. Coupled with the tastefully done silhouette of the Drawstring Pants, this fit is proof of how black is never boring when done right.


This is the classic hoodie + joggers combination elevated: Featuring C2H4’s DISTRESSED SCULPTURE HOODIE and IH NOM UH NIT’s CLASSIC LOGO SWEATPANTS.

Some of C2H4’s distinct signatures are the brand’s tastefully hand distressed garments and futuristic graphics and this hoodie features both. Great contemporary fit, coupled with a brilliant dust tone makes this hoodie a great addition to any wardrobe. To match this, we present this luxurious joggers from IH NOM UH NIT PARIS. The brand’s usage of zenith quality French terry fabric, tied in with a contemporary slim fit and finished off with the logo on the side makes this piece an absolute fit-elevating garment. 


Finally, from JUUN J’s homage to home collection, titled “SEOUL SOUL”, we present his SIGNATURE OVERSIZED SWEATER silhouette in a striking yet tasteful shade of Dark Salmon Pink. The sweater features JUUN J’s homage to home graphics and iconic panelling details. For bottoms, we recommend a pairing with RICK OWENS’ PRISONER DRAWSTRING SWEATPANTS which balances the fits with the designer’s signature drop crotch silhouette.


Start pairing up your own cozy fits by exploring our New Arrivals here!